Monday, July 9, 2012

Kitchen Art

In order to save some money on decorating the house, Cory and I picked out some of my art work from college.  I bought some frames and mat board, and was able to frame two of my prints, but unfortunately the frame for the painting will have to wait.  I didn't realize how much framing an actual canvas could cost.  I figure the exposed canvas, just lets people know it is an original work...

I forgot how long it takes to center a print.  But I liked how they turned out.  Our kitchen has a lot of browns, so I thought the burgundy mat board and the red and blue in the painting would add some color.  All three pieces are on the same long wall, and I think it turned out well. 

Monday, June 25, 2012


Madeleine turned 8 this month!  I really can't believe it.  She was so excited to have a birthday party.  I was worried about the party, just because her last birthday party (6) was a bit of a mess.  But this time, things went smoothly.

She had about 9 friends show up.  We started by decorating shrinky dinks, and putting them on key chains.  Then we did some rely races with legos.  While I was getting the lego cake ready, they had to count all the little lego men cutouts that were taped everywhere downstairs.  After cake was presents, then they had about 10-15 minutes of free play before parents started picking them up.

I decided to go all out for the party.  Her next birthday party will be when she is 10, and I figure the party games and such won't be what she wants.  (She'll probably want a movie with friends, or a sleep over.)

And here is the lego cake!

I used the tutorial by Betty Crocker.  It took me about 2 hours to do, it was harder than I thought it would be.  I don't do cakes, cookies, or really bake anymore since we've changed our eating habits.  But it was fun, Madeleine even helped me with the first half, and then decided to go do something else. 

Cory was a great help for the party, and even ran in some of the rely races with the kids.  I am so lucky :)

Monday, May 14, 2012


We bought a house... a HOUSE.  I know we are in our 30's and this is a normal adventure for people, but I really can't believe that we are at this point.  We are 'for reals' settling into Kingsport, TN?

Don't get me wrong.  We love it here.  Madeleine is doing great, Cory loves his job, and the people are so friendly and nice.  I am grateful that things have worked out, so that we can buy a house in this beautiful country. 

I think the house, along with everything else that is going on, we are a little stressed.  Madeleine is finishing up her school year, and I with work.  We are slowly but surely moving everything into our new home, movers are coming on the 25th to move the big stuff that we don't want to.  Cory's work load is keeping him busy several nights a week, and sometimes on the weekends as well.  Cory has also signed up for the Virgina Bar.  Which means studying at night, to get ready for the big two day test this summer. 

So, we've been 'a little' stressed. 

I am hoping once we are settled into the house, I can arrange a birthday party for Madeleine.  We haven't had much luck on birthdays, but I figure I gotta try again at some point. 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter Trip

For Easter this year we went to visit my sister in the D.C. area. Madeleine doesn't get to see her cousins often, and I was very happy to see that they played so well with each other.

My sister and husband were nice enough to take us on a date night. Cory and I don't go on date nights often. (Madeleine is almost 8, and it is too easy to just bring her along to come out with us.) We had fun with just us 'adults', even if we did go see Wrath of the Titans. I don't even think the kids noticed that us adults were gone.

We had a great time, and were sad to call it so short, but we had to get back to 'real life'.

Thursday, March 29, 2012


I realize it has almost been two years since I have posted. Soo... lets see.
I finished my teaching certificate, and worked at a pre-school for about a year.
Cory finished law school, took the TN bar and passed.
Cory got a job in Kingsport, TN, so we moved last year.
Madeleine is currently in second grade. (I still have a hard time believing this.)

We have really enjoyed the Tri-Cities area. Who would have thought I'd end up in the mountains of Tennessee. When Cory and I were dating, he asked me, "where do you want to live?" My response, "anywhere but the south." So... there you go...

Cory enjoys what he does, so it makes everything so much easier. I have a job at Madeleine's school as an assistant, which I really enjoy. I'm there when the kids are there, and don't have to bring any paper work home. Madeleine had a difficult time with the move, but I think she has adjusted really well.

We recently put in an offer on a house. We went in and signed our loan application, and have inspections and such lined up. I don't feel responsible or mature enough for this. Of course it could be the fear of owning a house. We've rented for so long, feels like a huge step. (I'm sure everyone says that about their first house.)

Hmmm... is it sad that the last two years can be summed up so quickly? Well anyways, we are just plugging away, trying the best we can.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Keep On Swimming

Cory had his last final for spring today. He is very excited to have a few days off. I'm in my last week of student teaching, and then next week I'll be preparing for the interview/presentation thing to exit the program. Madeleine will be done the 21st.

Since we'll all be "done" with things for a few days we are hoping to go for a little vacation to my sisters in D.C. Cory's never been and we thought we'd head up before he starts back up June 1st.

Cory and I had our 7th anniversary this Sunday. We celebrated by going to Iron Man 2 with Madeleine and then out to dinner. We then proceeded to spend the rest of the weekend doing course work or studying for finals.

We have turned into VERY exciting people.

Overall we are doing well, just extremely busy. We are both looking forward to being done, and are hoping that things work out for us.

Hope you are all doing well, wherever you are!

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Today I've spent most the day organizing and re-arranging the desks. I stole the desk we had in Madeleine's room and put it our room. I also stopped by Target to pick up a few random desk organizers. This is all in attempt to better help my situation while I'm in my second placement of student teaching.

During my last placement I had some papers upstairs, some down, and some that moved around throughout the day. I'm going to attempt to have everything in one area this time. Between Cory, Madeleine, and I the kitchen table always seems to be covered by someone's schoolwork. And maybe by having my stuff in one place upstairs, I'll be less distracted.

Madeleine has lost both of her teeth! Sometimes I can't believe how big she is, at least she still likes me. She's been doing great in school and I still find random pictures or crafts that she has hung up in the house.

Cory is workin on a variety of projects. He is trying to get everything done that comes along with taking 18 credit hours, trying to look for summer internships, and looking for jobs for when he finishes in December.

We continue to be busy, and have somehow survived. And once we've finished all we got to worry about is real life jobs... that is it... nothing to worry about... nothing at all...